Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The Corporate Carbon Database provides data on direct emissions, i.e. scope 1 emissions. (Definition of emissions scope – Scope 1 emissions are direct emissions from owned or controlled sources. Scope 2 emissions are indirect emissions from the generation of purchased energy. Scope 3 emissions are all indirect emissions (not included in scope 2) that occur in the value chain of the reporting company, including both upstream and downstream emissions.)

The Demo subscription gives you access to data for only one country: Austria. In the Demo subscription, you can download the charts in the same way as for the paying accesses.
The paying subscription plans provide you with full access to the data of all countries or specific regions.
Click here for more details on the pricing options.

You can download the following charts from the database.

    • Bar chart: yearly greenhouse gas emissions of a company
    • Bar chart: yearly greenhouse gas emissions of a facility
    • Bar chart: yearly greenhouse gas emissions of a sector of activity
    • Bar chart: yearly greenhouse gas emissions of a country / all countries

Data tables cannot be downloaded from the Corporate Carbon Database. You can buy many full data reports (on some companies, sectors, countries) in PDF format through our online store. For more information, visit our data report store.

The core of our data on greenhouse gas emission reporting is obtained from government departments and other governmental / official agencies linked to the energy and climate change agenda. Sources are responsible for the accuracy of the data they release.

When it is necessary, we also carry out proprietary research as detailed below.

Methodology :

    Proprietary research work was carried out on the following parts :

  • Australia data : address of companies (street address, city, state), GPS coordinates, sector of activity
  • Switzerland data : company name, company registration number, freely allocated carbon allowances, address of companies (street address, city, state), GPS coordinates, sector of activity
  • All countries: cleaning-up of GPS coordinates (when location coordinates are missing or false)

Should you need more detailed information on our research methodology, please contact us at info [at] carbondata.world .

Yes, it is possible. Though, as we work with a large range of heterogeneous data (from different sources), the sectors of activity are specific to some regions: e.g. EU ETS sectors (combustion of fuels, primary aluminium, bulk chemicals,…), NAICS sectors for North America, and specific sectors for Australia and Switzerland (GICS sector classification for Swiss companies).

Therefore, it is possible to carry out a facility/company search by sector only for a specific region using the same sector classification system (Australia, Europe, Switzerland, North America).

Yes, there are two different “Log In” buttons : one to access the data platform, and another one to access your billing account.

: click on this icon to access the data platform.

: click on this icon to access your billing account. When you subscribe to a paid plan, your account is created automatically. If you are not a paid subscriber and you buy a data report, you have the option to create or not a billing account.

The Corporate Carbon Database is protected by the “sui generis” law.
Sui generis protection runs for 15 years, starting from the date of completion of the database, or if the database is published during this time, the 15-year term will start from the publication date. If the database undergoes substantial changes (in the event that a substantial amount of new material is added and arranged into it), a new 15-year protection period would usually arise.

Yes, we can provide you with the data reports you need on :

– one company

– several companies

– companies belonging to particular sectors of activities.

Please write us at info@carbondata.world to describe your data needs. We will then shortly add to our online store the company data reports you requested, so that you can advance swiftly and successfully in the completion of your project.