About Us

Who we are

CCD was launched in 2022 by Cedric Bleuez, the co-founder of Carbon Market Data Ltd, a pioneering data vendor in the carbon market space.

Cedric has around 20 years of experience in the fields of climate policy, carbon markets, renewables and information technology.

Our team of experienced professionals is composed of environmental and business analysts, data scientists and researchers, and IT development specialists.

Our objective

With the Corporate Carbon Database and our data report offering, we aim to bring more transparency and business intelligence to all interested parties and stakeholders.

We propose access to hard data and invaluable insight to companies, organisations and professionals from all sectors and backgrounds : equity research, impact investment, ESG, SRI, carbon trading, banks, investment funds, brokers, consultancies, rating agencies, universities, institutes, electric utilities, oil and gas companies, steel and cement makers, chemical companies, glass and ceramics producers, pharmaceutical groups, automotive industries, manufacturing industries, mining groups, food and drink companies, healthcare facilities, heavy equipment makers, transport industries, and more…

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